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Intercity STC Cotonou Park to Intercity STC Accra Park
Intercity STC Cotonou Park to Intercity STC Accra Park

Intercity STC started operations in 1909 as a government transport department with the aim of catering for the needs of the central government. On the 9th of March, 1965 it was made a corporate body by the legislative instrument (L.I) number 414 to run commercial passenger services and was then renamed the State Transport Corporation (STC). In January 1968, the government created a haulage division to cater for the haulage of dry and wet cargo and this was handed over to STC to manage as a bulk haulage division alongside the passenger division. In June 1995, it was incorporated as a limited liability company under Ghana's Companies Act 1962, (Act 179) and was renamed State Transport Company Limited. The company has gone through changes over the years and has been known as the Intercity STC Coaches Limited since October 2003. TimbuBus help you get the best bus fare, bus routes and their available bus terminals. Choose TimbuBus, Choose Comfortability.